Slickmaker - Ceramic Spray Coating 1 Gallon

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Slickmaker is a hydrophobic polymer blend that enables painted surfaces as well as glass to be layered with a smooth, water-repellent coating lasting up to 4 months. Exhibiting properties similar to that of ceramic coatings, Slickmaker allows for a ceramic-feel without having to spend thousands on a full ceramic detail. Featuring a citrus fragrance and orange color, Slickmaker will add well to any detailer's array of exterior spray-on coatings. Available in gallon, five gallon, and 55-gallon containers. 

Directions: Please note, apply only on surfaces out of direct sunlight and cool to touch. Ensure car is dry and clean before applying. Spray with a mist tip and wipe on with a clean towel until streaks disappear. Slickmaker will last in normal use for up to 4 months. Do not take vehicle into automatic car wash as pressure and aggressive touch will diminish the coating. 

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