Privacy Policy

Except for certain areas of our website that are limited to our retail dealers and distributors, you need not "sign-in" or register to browse our site. This means you anonymously may browse the web pages intended for end-user customers, without providing any personal identifying information.

In the event that you choose to engage in a transaction while accessing our site, we will ask that you provide your "personal identifying information" that is required to complete the transaction. For example, if you ask for additional information or send us a comment related to your order, we will ask for your email address in order that we may respond to your inquiry. If you purchase one of our products, we will ask that you provide the information needed in order to process your order, charge your credit card account, and deliver the product you have purchased. This personal identifying information includes your name, full street address, and telephone number, your credit card number, the billing name and full street address for your credit card account, and your email address.

Your customer number once you sign up will be your complete email address. We can send you a link to retrieve your lost password only to this address.

We use Secure Socket Layer ("SSL") Technology to encrypt the information you send to us through our shopping cart interface, so that it cannot be read in transit. Further, to ensure that your credit card account information is secure, we store it in a database that is accessible over the internet to us through the carts management interface and will not be displayed anywhere on this website.

The signed ssl cart certificate should read:

The issuer of of the certificate is issued by

We also may use your personal identifying information to send you a message confirming your order and, alone or in conjunction with other publicly available information like census tract data, to identify other products or services that we think you may be interested in purchasing and to send you information about those other products or services. If, after you receive the first message of this type, you decide that you do not wish to receive further messages, use the "reply" button on your email system to send us a message informing us of your wishes. Finally, we will not give, sell, or trade to another firm any personal identifying information about you or your transaction with us.

Some of the pages on our website may use "cookies" to help us provide good service to visitors to our site. Cookies are brief text messages that are transmitted by a website server to your web browser when you click on a page. Your web browser then stores the text message on the hard drive of your computer. Should you return to the page at a later time, your web browser will transmit the text message back to the website server to permit the server to recall previous visits to our site or to keep track of a transaction in progress. Should you wish additional information about how your computer processes cookies, you may consult the documentation that accompanied your web site browser.

Although we do not believe that our website contains anything that would be inappropriate for viewing by young children, we have not designed our website to encourage transactions with, or to obtain information from, young children. Moreover, because all purchases using our website require that the purchase be charged to a valid credit card account, parents or other responsible adults are able to ensure that the children in their care do not make unauthorized purchases.