Frequently Asked Questions

Q. When will my order be shipped?
A. Most orders will go out the same day and all will be shipped within 48 hours.

Q. If my item is back ordered, when will it be shipped?
A. You will be notified by e-mail of any backorders but most will be shipped with-in two weeks.

Q. What type of degreaser do I use on my custom wheels?
A. Most modern aftermarket and factory custom wheels are painted with a clear coat finish. A mild non-abrasive car wash soap (#380 AUTOCARE Wash & Wax) will clean most dirt and grime from the surface, but if heavy brake dust or grease is a problem use #377 AUTOCARE Super Cleaner APC followed with #380 Wash& Wax. If you have highly polished aluminum or alloy wheels the same procedure applies, just make sure the wheels are cool and wet.

Q. Do I really need to clean and condition my leather interior?
A. Absolutely! To maintain the soft pliable feel to leather and maintain it’s maximum durability, first clean the leather surface with #521 AUTOCARE Leather and Plastic Cleaner followed with a lanolin enriched protectant such as #197 AUTOCARE Leather Conditioner. Leather is a natural product that requires care and maintenance to retain its beauty.

Q. What is the best wax to use?
A. Any product containing Carnauba wax (#299 AUTOCARE Paint Sealant or # 273 AUTOCARE Liquid Paste Wax) will provide great shine and depth to the finish but if you want to increase the durability use a “paint sealant” or wax that has been fortified with paint sealant ( #240 AUTOCARE Finish Crème Wax).

Q. What is a paint sealant?
A. Paint Sealants are the modern day version of car wax. Primarily made of cross-link polymers these products (# 299 AUTOCARE Paint Sealant, #240 AUTOCARE Finish Crème Wax) provide maximum durability and shine. They will hold up to repeated washes and protect the finish from harmful Ultra- Violet rays. They are extremely easy to apply and remove and can be used on any type of paint.

Q. How long will the wax last on my car?
A. This is the most asked question of all time. Because so many factors must be considered and no two situations are the same there is no firm answer. Is the car garaged? Is the car repeatedly washed with harsh soaps and cleaners? Is it driven often and exposed to acid-rain and other contaminants. All of these situations will affect the longevity of today’s waxes and sealants.

Q. What is clay?
A. Clay is soft pliable bar, similar to Silly Putty, which is designed to remove paint overspray, water spots, bird droppings and common air-borne contaminants. Introduced about 10 years ago, this product revolutionized the detail business. Because it is not invasive to the paint surface it will clean and smooth the paint without using abrasive polishes and compounds. If you want to get the best possible finish on your next wax application, use CLAY MAGIC.

Q. Why can’t I buy wheel acid?
A. Wheel acid is a very effective, Sulfuric/Hydrofluoric cleaner, for chrome and raw aluminum surfaces. This is product that can be used only by a professional. Because of its very corrosive properties, it can not be shipped by U.S. Postal or FEDEXFAQ. It can be shipped by freight carriers. Please call (888) 846-2442 for freight fees.

Q. What dressing is best for my tires?
A. There are two types of dressings that can be used on tires. A water-base dressing (#188 AUTOCARE Premium White) will provide a very high shine but can be rinsed with water. If you want a long lasting dressing, solvent- base dressing (#190 AUTOCARE Premium Blue) will provide a superior shine and is water resistant.

Q. Can I use the same dressing for my tires and my interior?
A. We don’t recommend that solvent-base dressings be used on the engine or interior. The solvents attract dust and are extremely shiny on vinyl surfaces. On the other hand water–base dressings can be used on both interior and exterior rubber and plastic.

Q. What do I use to clean my convertible top?
A. Convertible tops look great when they are clean and terrible when they are dirty. Because it may take aggressive cleaners to remove dirt and grime, the paint finish must be considered. Harsh and aggressive cleaners can damage or stain paint and caution must be used to produce the best results. #377 Super Cleaner APC is the perfect choice. When diluted this “paint friendly” product will remove dirt and dust from the most difficult tops without damage to the paint.

Q. Why don’t you sell real chamois?
A. Natural hide or real chamois are very effective when they are new. But most people keep them long after they have become hard and brittle. This condition can lead to scratching and scuffing of painted surfaces. Most professional detailers use our Holland made synthetic chamois because of its long life, superior absorption and soft feel.

Q. What is your most effective economical degreaser?
A. #340 AUTOCARE Hot Shot Degreaser. This highly dilutable all-purpose
cleaner can be used on most interior and exterior surfaces.

Q.  What is your most “User-Friendly” degreaser?
A. By far #377 AUTOCARE Super Cleaner APC. This non-caustic, dilutable all-purpose cleaner has superior cleaning ability on all surfaces.