Distributors and Affiliates

GoSWAC.COM offers Distributors the chance to sell our products. Call Chris Kinzy for further information at (888)-846-2442 for immediate assistance.

If you are not interested in being a distributor yourself, you can always be an affiliate. You will get a check for orders placed from your referral link every other month. If you do ask why so long for a check? Our answer is just as easy. We receive hundreds of spam emails here as well as countless other innocent people, yourself included. Spam is a terrible way of doing business in our opinion. I will not even quote what defines Spam it offends me so. Opt-in marketing may very well be opt-in, in some cases. In most cases, it can be referred to as spam. Some not so wise people think they are smart. They will sign up for affiliate partnerships, spam the heck out of millions of us all and collect the referral checks for those who are gullible enough to buy through spam.

Not on GoSWAC.COM's Worst day! If within the two month waiting period we get one valid complaint that you may be spamming people with our good name and services, we will hold your check an extra two months. If after two months more there are no further complaints, we will honor the check and mail it out to the you with no hard feelings. If there are continual valid reports of spam associated with the account, your affiliate partnership will be terminated with no compensation. Opt-in email campaigns that result in any complaints may be required to prove complaints are in fact someone who did sign up for that companies opt-in list. Some people forget how or where they may have signed up for something. Depending on past relations and the overall amount of spam complaints GoSWAC.COM will have the ultimate ruling as to the validity of the offence. GoSWAC.COM WILL not be held liable for lost revenue from an affiliate. GoSWAC.COM is not an arbiter. GoSWAC.com wants to hear any complaint of Spam.